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We are not consultants whose intimidating strategic plan makes it unclear where to start. The support offered by Plan Humain aims to keep things simple, to provide enough perspective, to define clear goals and key steps – sometimes to challenge ourselves as well. We derive our satisfaction from both your perseverance and your progress.

"To start somewhere, it's easy here."

The choice of our name is not incidental. Day after day, we make it a genuine commitment to place the human at the center of our approach. The ability to see and listen to the person behind the client in order to better tailor our recommendations to their reality is, in a way, our secret ingredient! But there's more to it. That's also why each support assignment can optionally include additional hours of personalized coaching.

Our approach

All our assignments are different because our clients are diverse. However, our approach always relies on four proven elements that facilitate agility and mobilization of your teams in a context where philanthropy and social engagement must be approached differently :


Uncover and understand your true needs


Developing a tailored support


Engaging your stakeholders


Continuous exchange and readjustment